Police services should be public, effective and accountable. Ontario is allowing security guards to replace trained police and limit due process for officers. This will put our communities at risk.

Tell the Ontario government that policing is too important to outsource and that officers are entitled to due process. Help keep your communities safe with a police service that is a public service.

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What's at stake?

Across Ontario, police officers work hard to keep your community and family safe.

Ontario’s professional police support initiatives that enhance transparency, build public trust, and provide appropriate oversight, while ensuring that officers are able to do their jobs effectively.

But the Government of Ontario has just passed new policing legislation, Bill 175, that will put public safety at risk by allowing private security to perform police jobs and limiting due process for police officers. The Bill will allow municipalities and local police services boards to:

  • Privatize police duties – like K-9, bomb disposal, crime scene analysis and surveillance activities – in criminal investigations
  • Fire police officers who are injured on the job
  • Prevent police officers from fairly responding to internal complaints

We need your help to make MPPs aware of how Bill 175 will negatively impact your community’s safety and why it must be changed. Ontario’s police services personnel need your support to help influence the government so we can continue to effectively protect you, your family and your community.

Send a message to the Ontario Government to let them know we need to keep police professionals working for public safety.